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Young People for the Climate

The project is being supported by The EEA Grants and Norway Grants.


We focus on  activation, empowerment and participation of young people in decision-making related to climate change and on rasining acceptance of youth participation in decision-making from public administration and public. The subject of the project is implementation of practical adaptation and mitigation measures on local level based on inciative of young people in cooperation with local government and community. 220 persons and 20 decion-makers will be involved, 10 activities will be implemented (local climate action plans and local measures), guidebook will be created and disseminated.


Contact: Pavlína Pechancová


The project is being supported by the Open Society Fund Prague from the Active Citizens Fund. The programme promotes

citizens’ active participation in the public life and decision making and builds capacities of civil society organizations. The Active

Citizens Fund is financed from the EEA and Norway Grants.


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